Have some questions about Stem Cell Therapy? Here are our most frequently asked questions!

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Q: Do I only need one treatment?

A: Every person is different. We take our time to thoroughly understand each patient’s needs and steps for recovery. Once a joint has fully recovered, there is no need to continue treatments. Many patients feel relief after their first treatment, but a joint may not be fully recovered after just one treatment. 

Q: How much does it cost?

A: We can not provide a cost until we fully understand the patient and their needs. This requires a FREE one on one consultation where we’ll be able to fully screen the patient, and be able to better provide the cost of the treatment. 

Q: What is a stem cell?

A: Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the potential to transform into and take on the roll of many different cells, tissues, and bodily organs. These cells have the distinct ability to repair themselves. Stem cells are able to divide, replenishing other cells in the body. These unique characteristics give stem cells various healing abilities, being able to help all different kinds of diseases and pains. 

Q: Do I have to do anything outside of Treatments?

A: Yes, but we provide a in-depth rehabilitation plan catered to the patients’ needs that we will assist them with. Creating a custom program for each patient is what ensures the treatment will be as effective as possible.  At Ultimate Medical Center we help our patients reach their goals and assist them on each step of their road to recovery.

Q: Does the treatment always work?

A: Most people experience relief a short period after being treated. At the end of the treatment people typically experience dramatic, if not complete, relief of their pain. Like any other medical procedure, there is no 100% guarantee it will work. Some patients may require additional treatments, and in rare cases the disease may be too far along for stem cells to efficiently help. 

Q: Can I still have surgery after having Stem Cell Treatments?

A: Yes! These procedures do not prevent anyone from having surgery. 

Q: Does insurance cover Stem Cell Treatments?

A: Unfortunately, Insurance and Medicare do not cover stem cell treatments. Patients who qualify for treatment in our office have several financial options available.